Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am thinking about possibl starting up a review/haul/demo youtube account where I would post my reviews in video form. I may continure the written blog as well depending on the response I get from everyone. So please comment below and tell me which of these you would prefer:

1. For me to continue the written blog only
2. For me to stop the written blog and start and video version
3. Continue both the written and video blogs

Friday, August 5, 2011

Reviews coming soon!

Hello all,

I've recently been sent a few emails asking me to start writing my reviews again. I have decided to but it most likely won't be a once a week post like it used to be but i will try to post as often as i can. This next part of this post is for the people who were sending me the rude emails about this blog. I run a  REVIEW blog. I use the products and then post my experience and thoughts about the product. I also use some information off of the LUSH website like if one product smells like another product or what certain products are best used for. If you do not like my opinion on a product then i'm sorry and maybe you could start your own review blog so you can share your opinion. If you would like to comment and let me know that you also enjoyed a product or you didn't agree with my review thats fine but I ask that you do it in a pollite way. I have had several people tell me that they have tried products that i have review and enjoyed them and i am very happy to hear that and even if you don't enjoy them please feel free to let me know. I love getting feed back about what you think of the products when you try them. I am lucky to have a LUSH store about 10 minutes from my house so i can get products any time but some people are not so lucky and this blog is to help them decide if they are will to take a risk and order the products online. So the point of all this is to just clarify what this blog is and why i run it. On  a final note I will now also be reviewing cocktails for those of you who may not know what a cocktail is in the LUSH world it's when you combine more then one bath or shower product to create a new experience. If you are currious about a cocktail you have heard of or would like to know what i would pair with a certain product comment on the blog and i will do my best to match up your product and i will any cocktail you guys suggest and let you know what i think. So look forward to more reviews soon. Thank you to all of my supported for their positive feed back!

Live Laugh Love Lush <3

Saturday, April 30, 2011

No more Reviews!

I have been recieving alot of negative comments lately and I would like to address them. I am not running an adivce blog I am running a REVIEW blog! I am not saying my opinion is the only opinion I just said what I enjoy and would recomend. If I say that two thing smell alike and you don't think they do then sorry but that my opinion or thats what has written. I do alot of product research before I use a product so for those who have said that i need to do more research I do. I will no longer be posting any reviews because my hard work is not being appreciated AT ALL! so thank you to those who follow the blog and I'm sorry that I am ending it but I always take time out of a fairly busy schedual to write and post reviews and some people are ruining this for me. I wish everyone the best with their use of LUSH products and I hope you find many things that you enjoy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ultrabland and Eau Roma Water

ultra bland is a facial cleanser for all skin types. It doesn't really have a scent. I put some on my face and then it said to dampen some cotton wool and wipe it off so I did but I found it a little difficult to get off of my skin. Then I used Eau Roma Water toner and it says it can help remove the cleaner but it still felt like it was on my face. When I finally got it all off i used a bit more toner and I have to admit my skin did feel clean and refreshed. I think I will use the products again. Since Ultrabland is for all skin types it's a good starter facial cleanser if you're new to lush or their facial care products. Eua roma water toner is the match for this cleanser on the website and I felt it worked well with it. I actually really like the smell of the toner. My skin felt and looked great after using these, and like a said before they are a good starting point for facial care products from lush, but if you want products specificly for your skin type then look into the other products lush has.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Karma Bubble Bar

Karma bubble bar, is an amazing smelling bubble bar there is also a karma soap, solid shampoo, cream, perfume and retro bath melt I think I may get some of these other products because I really like this smell. My boyfriend picked this Bubble bar out for me and said he really liked the smell of karma. I didn't even use a quarter of the bubble bar It made quite a bit of bubbles, and the jets in the tub helped. it made my skin feel really soft and smooth and the
smell stayed on my skin for a while and I was very happy about that. I will use this again,
and again, and again. I really like the smell. Everyone should go into Lush and smell the Karma
products and if you like the smell try them out.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunny Side Bubble Bar

The bath tub at my boyfriend's house has jets, the tub at my house does not so I decided to try a bubble bar bath at his house. I am sooooooo glad I did. We crumbled the bubble bar under the water and it started to
make bubbles. Then when the water got high enough we turned on the jets. O-M-G There were soooo many bubbles the jets definatley made a difference.We have now decided that I will always have my bubble baths at his house.While I was in the tub if the bubbles started to go down, I just turned the jets on and they went right back up! The sunny side bubbble bar is very sparkling. it has a nice smell to it, very citrisy. It reminded me of Sexy Peel Soap and I really liked the smell of that so I enjoyed this bubble bar alot. I would recomend thisto try but some of the glitter will stick to you but it will come off and when you drain thewater you'll have to rinse out the glitter from the bottom of the tub. If you like citris and glitter give this one a try.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pinata Party!

Yesterday at all of the LUSH stores they were holding Pinata Parties! They said they would be breaking open the Pinata at 4pm so my boyfriend, his mom and I all went to the mall for the Party. I was soooo excited to get some limited edition stuff! I didn't get to break open the Donkey but I did get 3 soaps a buble bar and a bath bomb! My boyfriend gave me the stuff he got because he's such a sweetie. So keep checking back for those review and I have been trying out my easter goodies so stay tuned for those reviews also. Did anyone go to a pinata party? how was it? what did you get?

Live. Laugh. Love. Lush

Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Goodies!

I recently went in to my local LUSH store to get my easter goodies. I got one Donkey Oaty, one Happy Chick, and one Candy Fluff Egg. I am very excited to try all of these. I will be going into LUSH on saturday for their Pinata Party! I am hoping they will chose me to break open the Donkey Pinata and I will win some limited edition stuff. Lets all cross our fingers! So now I have some questions. Are any of you going to try the easter stuff? Which one are you most looking forward to trying? Which one would you like me to post about first? Comment below.

Live. Laugh. Love. Lush.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Ex Factor Bath Bomb

The Ex Factor is one of the Bath bombs Lush had for Valentine's Day. First off it smells great! I dropped it in the water and it immediatly filled the room with it's wonderfull scent and turned the water a beautiful blue colour. it fizzed away really fast and that wasn't that great but the smell was very relaxing for me. I used the legs and head in my bath so I still have some left over and I'm very happy I do because I just can't get over the smell. It didn't do much for my skin but if your looking for something to just make you relaxed and smell great this is it! I will deffienatley use it again and I think everyone should give it a try if they get the chance.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twilight Bath Bomb

Twilight has an amazing smell! I really like it. It's very relaxing. When it hits the water it immediatly gets SUPER frothy! It makes it water all pink and pretty, then some blue and glitter comes into the mix. This bath bomb takes a nice loooooooooooooong time dissolving and make your skin feel nice and soft. I really love this bath bomb. Lush makes some great glittery bath bombs. I will deffinatley use this bath bomb again. I would suggest that you give it a try. But smell it first it has a pretty distinct smell that stays on your skins so if you don't like the smell you won't like this bath bomb.